The New LoFi

Ten Years


SIMPLEGreetings from TheFlipside. It’s been a while – glad to be back. We live in a fascinating time. In our modern world, things move so quickly that it’s hard to comprehend. Our technoverse is made up of zeroes and ones zipping by us at astonishing speeds. Sometimes, as I marvel at the epoch we are a part of, I feel the need to dial it back and slow down… I enjoy doing this with a soundtrack, however, and while I rely on the technology of the day to zap my tunes to my media player of choice, I do in these moments like to simplify what’s going into my ears. Here are few tracks, that while simple, are intensely satisfying. Enjoy.

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Keeping things to a voice and a few strings  is an acoustic ditty by Paul Boruff  called “Bluejay.”


Next is an simple electronic tune by Com Truise, called “Ether Drift”


Hip hop is next to be up at bat, and this track, “Past the Basic” from Nexx Level Click throws it back to the days where lyrics were the star of the show. No autotune here.



Cool. That’s it for now. See you soon, world verse …