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Ten Years

SXSW Wrap Up

As SXSW winds down, the stakes are high. Saturday is the day to catch all the bands your friends can’t stop buzzing about. As such, I checked out Hinds, Eliot Sumner and Tele Novella to wrap up a great week.

As a longtime fan of the girl group from Madrid known as Hinds, I was happy to see their live performance is just as good as what you’ll hear on the Internet. Their garage pop rock sound has earned them quite the following and you can check them out for yourself as they travel around the world this spring on tour. Here’s an old favorite of mine, though you can listen to their newer stuff on Soundcloud as well.

If you have a natural affinity for rock, be sure to give Eliot Sumner a listen. This London group’s energy was electric and a few of their songs got stuck in my head well into the next day. Just listen to Species to see what I’m talking about. Or, if you want to warm up to the group a bit before having a full on rock out session in your bedroom, start off with Come Friday, which has more of an indie rock vibe than other tracks.

What better way to cap off the festival than with a little dose of Austin? Living here, I had heard about Tele Novella before but had yet to see them live, which was a real treat. This indie-psych pop band always makes me feel like I should be watching some French new wave cinema, especially the track Coat-Tail Rider. Take a listen below.