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The Adultery Brothers / Black Lips Live

We got an email the other day from a band named The Adultery Brothers. In the email, the guys compared their music to The Black Lips. Since we’re pretty big fans of minimal lo-fi music and avid Black Lips fans, I decided to check it out.

I clicked over to their bandcamp page and downloaded their free album “Let Me Think”.  My first impression of the music was, “pretty good for a few college kids but the tracks need some additional studio work”. That being said, I overlooked the final mix on the album and I just listened to the songs. And I’m really glad I did.

These Indiana boys know how to write a hook. There are a number of tracks on this self released album that got me rocking out but my favorite track is “Something In My Drink”. Maybe I was attracted to it for the title, either way, it’s a fun ass, hooky song with a sweet walking bass line that danced in my head all day long.

I emailed the guys in the band and told them that I wanted to post their track and asked them if they had any other tracks we could have that weren’t available online yet. Tim, Eric and Gordon were cool enough to give The New LoFi an exclusive early acoustic demo of “Something in My Drink”. I’m totally digging seeing how the song progressed from the early acoustic version . . . . Check both versions out below.

By the time I post this, I hope to get another track that I can share with you that isn’t available on their bandcamp page yet. It’s called Ain’t It Cliché. By the date on the youtube post, it looks like this is one of their newer songs. It also sounds like one, in a good way. By that, I mean the vocals feel more confident and mature and work better with the grit of the music. This tune makes these guys sound like legit rockstars. You can check out a live in-studio version of the song below. The Adultery Boys are recording 10 new songs by the end of the summer so look out for more stuff from them soon.

As a side note, The Black Lips have been playing a ton of summer dates. If you live in the NYC area, you can still get tickets to either their Bowery Ballroom (7/29/11) or Maxwells (7/30/11) shows. In case you decide to slack and wait, we bought 6 extra tickets that we’ll be giving away in July. Check back regularly or like us on Facebook to stay up to date on how you can get free Black Lips tickets . . .

Black Lips Modern Art Download

[audio: In My Drink (Demo).mp3|titles=Something In My Drink (Demo)]

The Adultery Brothers Something In My Drink (TNLF Exclusive – Demo)

[audio: In My Drink.mp3|titles=Something In My Drink (Studio)]

The Adultery Brothers Something In My Drink (Studio)

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