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Ten Years

The deformity of catharsis

One of the many ways to describe the sound of 3pecados, maybe the greatest appereance of the last year in Montevideo. So what can I say about them? Maybe the sharpest thing that I may say is that, although it´s a pretty freaky noise pop what you can hear in the last Diciembra –their personal last record- it´s still the best way to have some company in the desertic Montevideo in january. After all, it´s also a nice way to keep feeling alive, while everyone else is dancing to David Guetta songs in Punta del Este. Ah, summer working at the paper… what a joy. No matter how confessional the record is, what Pau O’Bianchi sings comes from deep inside and digs deep into the soul. Kind of what we may expect of music these days I suppose.

[audio:|titles=03 Colección social]
3pecados – Colección social

P.S. It´s great to be back again. Cheers.