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Lucas Meyer - "El entusiasmo" cover.

Montevideo Mondays (II)

I know I said that this new space will feature not only bands born in my country but also artists of the South American region. However, we´re having a nice new music season in Montevideo, a city that gets much more enjoyable in this time of the year, when maybe half of its population run to other beaches to enjoy the summer.

Lucas Meyer - "El entusiasmo" cover.
Lucas Meyer – “El entusiasmo” cover.

This year, the semi-desert streets of Montevideo are having a particular soundtrack: the Lucas Meyer songs. Based in a truly personal voice and style, the tracks of this songwriter´s new record, El entusiasmo, are filled with tenderness and very subtle arrangements. This is evident in the most quiet tunes but it keeps getting better in songs like Otras cosas también, when the tempo goes faster and the drums pull other emotions in this quiet, gentle album.

My country has a very strong songwriter tradition. It comes from excellent lyricists such as Eduardo Darnauchans or Fernando Cabera, maybe the ultimate experimental composer with a songwriter approach. In his own terms, Lucas Meyer is following a similar path when talking about an artist with the capacity of making a voice of his own in a style often pointed for its predictability. This is a short, inmediate record packed with songs especially designed to walk cities such as this one.

You can listen El entusiasmo in all it´s soft greatness in this bandcamp link.