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The Morning Benders, Star Slinger Remix Benefit

It’s hard not to feel for the people in Japan, and although there has been countless places asking to donate for relief, I haven’t given anything. It can be a bit overwhelming. Who do you give money to? what are the legit organizations? how much of a cut does each organization take?

Thankfully, The Morning Benders released a benefit EP entitled “Japan Echo” which was put together in attempt to raise money for the relief effort. 100% of the proceeds goes to helping victims of the Japanese disasters. The EP includes unreleased Morning Bender tracks as well as some remixes from Twin Sister, Wild Nothing, and Star Slinger.

Big fan of The Morning Benders, and really glad they are donating to this cause, and making it easy for people who are into music to do the same. Visit their website to donate as much as you can.

The Morning Benders – Cold War (Star Slinger Remix) buy & support japan