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Yelle Releases Safari Disco Club

Yelle’s New Album, “Safari Disco Club” is set to release in the US and Canada this Tuesday March 29th. Last time we checked in with Yelle, she had released her EP, La Musique. Now she’s given us a full length LP to play around with and i’ve already started hearing it play in the bars in Brooklyn.

I’m still not sure why they covered Yelle’s head with a giant piñata on the album cover for North American release since she is a hot French chick. I would think that would sell albums(?) I did however do a little Yelle stalking and found a few alternative album covers. There is one of her getting chased with harpoon wielding safari dudes that I think makes quite a better album cover. In any case, check out a few singles from her new album below.


YELLE – C’est pas une vie

YELLE – Comme un enfant

YELLE – Mon Pays