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Ten Years

The Rapture Come Back To Me

We live in a world of singles, singles, and more singles. And every once in a while a single is leaked too. ON the opposite end of that, I like how The Rapture releases a new album every 3 or 4 years just as everyone is about to forget about them. Not only that but they also manage to keep their albums under tight wraps with limited leaks.

After the new album was announced back in May, the world had “How Deep Is Your Love” as the only preview of what was to come. Two facts seemed super relevant though: 1.) Philippe Zdar of Phoenix was producing and 2.) the band was back on their old label DFA (lcd soundsystem, yacht, and hot chip). So yeah, we knew this LP was going to be pretty massive. Then remix after remix came of “How Deep” and we just had to wait. After what seems like forever, I’m happy to say that the new album is out and daaaaaaaang, it’s time to get your dancing shoes out.

My favorite track from the album right now is “Come Back To Me”. I love this accordion riff. When I go to bed at night, this riff plays in my dreams. NO JOKE. I’m awake right now at 6:30 am because I woke up from a dream that had this song in it. Anyway, I can’t wait for some remixes of this track emerge. Until then, check out the album mix below.

[audio:|titles=The Rapture – Come Back To Me]
The Rapture – Come Back To Me