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Ten Years

Friday On My Mind

As the sands of summer slowly escape the seasonal hourglass and fall approaches, there is some solace for the post-summer blues that eventually sink in. It’s called FRIDAY! It’s a day that you can look forward to each week; it’s the launching pad for the weekend and guaranteed mini vacation.

Friday is on my mind, as it was for The Easybeats, an Australian rock n’ roll band from the ’60’s who had their priorities in check. They eventually became the most popular pop band down under. Rhythm guitarist George Young co-wrote many of the bands hit singles but it was his younger brothers that achieved the kind of success mere mortals dream of. You see, George’s little brothers are Malcolm and Angus Young, otherwise known as the rhythm and lead guitar of the legendary band AC/DC. ’nuff said.

Today we’re going to pay a little homage to the Young brothers starting with The Easybeats. Check out “Friday On My Mind” to get your weekend started, then check out a great acoustic cover of “Up To My Neck In You” from AC/DC’s 1978 album “Powerage”. Mark Kozalek’s re-interpretation of this classic is nothing short of alchemy. Rounding up this little package is a great AC/DC B-side from the “Money Talks” single “Borrowed Time” . . .  plug ’em in, turn ’em up, and kickstart yourself a great weekend.

[audio:|titles=The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind]
The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind

[audio:|titles=AC/DC – Borrowed Time]
AC/DC – Borrowed Time

[audio:|titles=Mark Kozelek – Up To My Neck]
Mark Kozelek – Up To My Neck