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The Weekend Fuzz: Revolution

I’ve been swamped with socio-political diatribes this past week; from the American government fiasco, to the latest Russell Brand viral video lambasting our current global political landscape. Not to mention a pair of documentaries I watched in class; one on Che Guevara and the other, “The Story of Stuff”, a whimsical critical analysis of our culture of consumption. In just the past hour i’ve managed to write a lengthy rant on the validity of wikipedia, a heartfelt email about music to a local journalist writing for Pitchfork, and got caught in the crossfire of a heated debate about the Occupy movement and social progress on Facebook.

Needless to say, i’m a bit exhausted, when I find myself at odds with my classmates, my friends, and our society as a whole, music is the greatest escape. Summer has drifted away, and record releases are usually as barren as the trees around this time of year. Fortunately, there’s a lot of solid new music hitting the blogosphere this month, so let’s drop the politics and quell those whispers of revolution, if only for a few moments.

[audio:|titles=Ejecta – It’s Only Love]
Ejecta – It’s Only Love

Yes, that is a naked lady, and yes, she’s singing on this track. Neon Indian keyboardist turned exhibition-solo-artist Leanne Macomber has teamed up with electro troubadour Joel Ford for a breathy, soulful synth sound known as ‘Ejecta’. ‘It’s only love’ is another dreampoppy trip back to the 80’s along the same vein as Keep Shelly and other eclectic dreamers. I feel like Price would really like this song, so if somebody knows how to get in contact with him, send it.

[audio:|titles=Roadkill Ghost Choir – Beggars’ Guild]
Roadkill Ghost Choir – Beggars’ Guild

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Roadkill Ghost Choir with ‘Beggars Guild’. Marking the resurgence of the banjo into the mainstream, Roadkill strums that same chord as many rural-based bands before them. The breakdown around 1:55 is especially a powerful moment as the pace slows, only to lead into Andrew Shepards sermon of metaphors and shouts. It’s fantastic music if you’re a fan of bands like The Barr Brothers, Mumford, Fleet Foxes and the like. Set your sights on their bandcamp page to hear the rest of their “Quiet Light” EP that came out back in July.

[audio:|titles=Wet – Dreams]
Wet – Dreams

NYC trio Wet has been on heavy circulation the past week or after the release of their four-song EP. ‘U da best’ was painted all over the internet a few months ago, and unlike a lot of debut albums, each track is solid as a stand alone. ‘Dreams’ is a melodic trip of musical brilliance, borrowing elements from Purity Ring (and briefly, shades of 90’s girl-pop bands?) It’s a very cool track, rebounding between walls of sound and breaks of quiet percussion. If you like the song, head over to their bandcamp and buy the whole album for four bucks.

(photo cred to Jessica Lehrman)

[audio:|titles=Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry]
Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

There’s not a whole lot known about Jordan Lee and his project ‘Mutual Benefit’, but much like my piece two weeks ago on Banjo or Freakout, there’s a genuine feeling of warm intimacy in his music. Three weeks ago we saw the release of his single ‘Advanced Falconry’ from his album ‘Love’s Crushing Diamond’. The whole album, of course, can be heard on bandcamp, and it’s a soft and lush adventure, vulnerable and accessible. Gorgeous strings and keys reverberate through the brain and conjure images of first love and falling leaves. I haven’t quite found out how to buy the darn thing just yet, but I’ll certainly be showing my love to Jordan and his beautiful music. It’s atmospheric and adorable, without bordering on that line of melodramatic cheese. Expertly crafted music you should probably send to a girl you like.

[audio:|titles=Kurt Vile – Feel My Pain]
Kurt Vile – Feel My Pain

I had the euphoric pleasure of meeting Kurt Vile two months ago after his set at the Calgary Folk Fest, and it was the single-greatest highlight of my early music blogging career. He’s exactly as chill as his music implies, and his latest single ‘Feel My Pain’ is more of the same. In November, Vile will be releasing a deluxe edition of his album ‘Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze’ called ‘Deluxe Daze (Post Haze)’. I’ll probably be snagging a vinyl copy once it hits the local hipster shelves. Currently, Kurt and his Violators are in the midst of an absolutely exhaustive tour schedule (catch him tomorrow in Philly, or maybe Sunday in Baltimore?), but hopefully we’ll be seeing more material once he heads back home to Philly in the spring.

And that does it this week for the Fuzz. Remember, the revolution will not be televised, but it will most certainly be blogged.