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The Weekend Fuzz: Smooth Vibes

The golden leaves are shoe fodder and the cool chill of fall is awash in the city. It’s school season yet again for yours truly, and aside from distributing Fuzz on a weekend basis I study Sociology. What’s sociology aside from one of the easiest intro courses you can take? Well, I like to think of it as journalism plus. I study social patterns while utilizing the scientific method. And while it might sound boring (and potentially completely useless, forgive me father), it gives me the opportunity to look at music and culture under a microscope. It’s going to be a big year (I plan on writing a comprehensive piece on the ‘molly epidemic’ at music festivals) so let’s kick off October with some smooth vibes.

Keep Shelly in Athens reminds me a lot of CHVRCHES, only they seem to have fully established their sound and . Their first full length album “At Home” just dropped a few weeks ago after a tumultuous few years touring all over the globe like Alexander the Great. ‘Recollection’ is the lastest track to be orbiting the blogosphere as of late, and it’s a synthy wave of brilliance. Perfect for a late night drive.

[audio:|titles=Keep Shelly in Athens – Recollection]
Keep Shelly in Athens – Recollection

Two dudes from Brooklyn making music, who would’ve thought? Ghost Beach is just another grain of sand in the massive Brooklyn electro-pop scene, but their latest single ‘Moon Over Japan’ is pure glass, blue as can be. Make sure you check out the video, the animation reminds me of my old favorite Marc M from my days back on Newgrounds. It’s right on the border of creepy and adorable.

[audio:|titles=Ghost Beach – Moon Over Japan]
Ghost Beach – Moon Over Japan

In keeping with the Brooklyn tip, emerging from the shadows of big name female acts like The Dum Dum Girls, we have Frankie Rose. Her recent single “Street of Dreams” screams leather gloves and late night gang fights. Blade-slinging greasers with neon hair, it’s got all the class of the 50’s with the exuberance of an 80’s montage. The future looks bright for Frankie on her solo career (Interstellar was a killer album) so keep those bananas peeled.

[audio:|titles=Frankie Rose – Street Of Dreams]
Frankie Rose – Street of Dreams

Back overseas, Swedish Postiljonen is a few months fresh from their first major release, ‘Skyer’ back in July. They hit a similar spot as the aforementioned Keep Shelly in Athens, with a distinctly Nordic take on shoegaze-infused dreampop. Very mellow and deep on the bass. Another track for your nighttime drive.

[audio:|titles=Postiljonen – On the Run]
Postiljonen – On the Run

And finally, I had the pleasure of catching Neon Indian two years ago in some shitty uptown bar. It was one of the best concerts i’d seen, and coincidentally one of the drunkest nights of my life. (I even made a self-video sometime after 3:00 AM stating I was ‘the drunkest I have ever been). Era Extrana remains one of my all-time favorite albums, and I can’t wait to hear some new material from Alan Palomo. So far, all we have is a whisper from the GTA V soundtrack, a throwback to the Psychic Chasms era from 2009. There may be an announcement from Neon Indian within the next few weeks about some new material, so keep your bananas to the ground.

[audio:|titles=Neon Indian – Change of Coast]
Neon Indian – Change of Coast

And that does it this week with the fuzz! Have a solid weekend, and be sure to check out Beach Fuzz for more fresh tunes!