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Theatre Of Delays Remixes

Theatre Of Delays is hard at work again, this time with a brand new compilation EP of the tracks he’s been invited to officially remix. The upcoming EP included six remixes that are going to be released in late April / early May and we’ve be lucky enough to snag the first remix off the EP. The track is called “Lama” and it comes to us from a dreampop shoegaze duo called Ummagma. Ummagma’s vocalist, Shauna McLarnon, has an absolutely ethereal voice that is only amplified by the far reaching synths that Theatre Of Delay’s applies to the track.

Ummagma – Lama (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Theatre Of Delays Remixes Teaser (Spring 2014)


The Victorias – Superlove (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Electrosexual – Silver Soul (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

We Are Enfant Terrible – Princess (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Ummagma – Lama (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Mont Royal – Monster In Me (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Go Astray – Keep Loving Me (Theatre Of Delays Remix)