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This week I decided to get a little psychedelic 70’s on your ass (with a little disco jazzyness sprinkled in of course). I became fascinated with finding remixes of songs that were made before the 90’s. There are a lot of little gems out there too. I’m putting some of my favorites here for you. It’s a journey from the late 60’s on into the early 80’s.

[audio:|titles= Break On Through (Trentemøller Remix)|artists= The Doors]
The Doors Break On Through (Trentemøller Remix)
My neighbor turned me on to this relatively old remix of the Doors by the brilliant, if not elusive Trentemøller. Best Morrison quote ever.

[audio:|titles=Don’t Fear The Reaper (Holy Ghost Remix)|artists= Blue Oyster Cult]
Blue Oyster Cult Don’t Fear The Reaper (Holy Ghost Remix of a Van She cover)
Holy Ghost takes a great song and just makes it so much better by dico-ing it out to the max. If you ever said “I need more cowbell!” you get it here.

[audio:|titles=Sharp Dressed Man (Streetlab Remix)|artists= ZZ Top]
ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man (Streetlab Remix)
And then we come to ZZ Top. ZZ fucking Top. I was very skeptical about remixing anything that had to do with the Top. But this Streetlab mix proves that you just need to stick a dirty driving bass track to it, and you have a winner.