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Ten Years

Wild Beasts + Raffertie

Yesterday, Damon was listening to the Wild Beasts album for the first time (I know, he is so behind in music). I think that The Wild Beasts are pretty freakin weird. The vocalist sounds a bit like Hercules and Love Affair to me, but with a more disco-y sound behind it. Then I came across this guy Raffertie who remixed “Dancing On Our Tongues” from the Wild Beasts, and I thought “hmmm”

I’ve never heard of Raffertie until a few months ago, but he seems to be making a small break out into the scene. On the Dancing On Our Tongues mix, he was able to pick out all of the creepyness and just amplify it by 1000 by adding dark tribal sounding bells which underlay a vocal track that ranges from very high vibrato non-sense to very low phantom-of-the-opera-esque singing. Add a sort of off-beat drum track that can only be danced to by someone on drugs, and you have a pretty interesting track. It might not be as dark, creepy and random as our previously posted Boy 8-Bit video, but it is still very good. Check out the Chaka Kahn mix Raffertie put together as well…

Wild Beasts Dancing On Our Tongues (Raffertie Remix)

Chaka Kahn Ain’t Nobody (Raffertie Remix)