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Ten Years



After taking a sweet ass gander thru the twittershpere I came across this short music video from montreal-based band TONSTARTSSBANDHT (TAHN-starts-bandit) featuring band mate Marc Demarco, a rag-tag choir of kids and two homemade hand puppets. Appropriately name “Seriously”, Orlando native brothers Andy and Edwin White transform an eccentric and upbeat track from the duos 2009 release “Dick Nights” into a humbling acoustic experience garnished with the voices of children and Demarco’s sultry sounding guitar. Since the conception of TONSTARTSSBANDHT in 2007, the brothers have put a good 20-something of albums together via Does Are and Out Of Print Records -each album conceptualizing very different sounds and techniques. If you asked what genre they might belong to I’d tell you it doesn’t stray far from psychedelic, but definitely not limited to.

Since both brothers juggle more than one music project, (Andy in Marc Demarco and Edwin in Eloa) simply keepin your ears perp’d and your eyes peeled may be the best bet to catching them live which is the way its been said to fully experience them. But till you do one can find much of their released tracks and albums can be found on their bandcamp and you can enjoy “Seriously” below.

tonstartssbandht – Seriously