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Ten Years

Two New Singles From Constantina

Last week we gave you a little teaser to the Brazilian based insturmental band, Constantina. This week we were given the opportunity to release two more singles from the upcoming album, “Juan, El Marinero” and “Benjamin Guimarães.”

Not sure if these songs are named after real characters or not, but if they were real people and these songs told their stories I could image Juan as a softly spoken sailor who is leaving his love to sail across the ocean, and Benjamin Guimarães as a strongly spoken grandfather who is imparting tales of wisdom onto his grandchildren.

“Haveno” comes out March 12th, on DryCry records but you can preorder the album on iTunes here:

[audio:|titles=Juan, El Marinero]
Constantina – Juan, El Marinero

[audio:|titles=Benjamin Guimarães]
Constantina – Benjamin Guimarães