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Ten Years

Viena Based Duo Lea Santee

Lea Santee is a Vienna-based duo that consists of songwriter Lea Stöger and producer Manuel Hosp. Stöger and Hosp both come from an indie rock background but as their passion for electronic music grew, the two decided to join forces to pursue that sound. In 2015 they uploaded their first track on Soundcloud, which led them to #1 on the Hype Machine and got instant airplay on Austria’s biggest alternative radio station FM4.

After a couple years in the studio, Lea Santee are back with a brand new single called “Rollin'” that has a brooding bass line to underline Lea’s ethereal vocals. Look out for their debut EP which should be released later this summer.

Lea Santee – Rollin’

Lea Santee – Open Water