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The Weekend Fuzz

Quarter past three and the city vibrates with anticipation. Fingers rhythmically tap steering wheels, the train is packed with stoic figures barely containing their smiles and everybody punches it on the yellow light. There is a congruous rush to get home and get shed our weekday persona. Suburban-girl twenty-somethings squeeze in to their jeans and obsess over their curls, while suit-jockeys neatly hang their business attire and contemplate the work week that passed. A buzz is in the air, a palpable excitement and a collective contented sigh, a buzz that can only mean The Weekend.

The Weekend can mean many different things. It can be the binge that contributes to the majority of midnight toilet-huggings and vomit-stained sleeves, it can be the start of a hectic late night work schedule, or maybe just the big unwind.

The Weekend Fuzz is all about the latter.

The music I’ll be featuring here is all about relaxation. From the heavily synthed chillwave and shoegaze to atmospheric Euro-rock, each week we’ll dip our toes in to something warm, and the only ‘toilet-hugging’ will be out of pure toilet appreciation rather than ritualistic inebriated porcelain worship. So close your eyes, flip those Toms off your kickers and breathe deep.

Psychic Twin is the new project of Erin Fein, Brett Sanderson and Jonny Sommer. Sanderson and Fein have a sorted history dabbling in the indie music scene, previously as members of Headlights, and Sanderson has been holding down the beat in the Chicago area for well over a decade. Their latest release “Strangers” forecasts a bright future for the trio, and Fein’s backstory for the band is certainly intriguing. She claims that while recording alone, she couldn’t help but feel the metaphysical presence of another being. Not a foreign invader, but something very akin to herself, something familiar, and what she felt was her Psychic Twin. You can read more and snag the songs yourself at Polyvinyl Records, but for now open a window and let this track flow right out.

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Psychic Twin – Dream State