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Ten Years

Wilco I Might

Hello lofiers. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Without getting into an overdrawn explanation of what where and why I disappeared for a few months, I’ll just say I needed a sabbatical. Believe it or not, writing, listening and posting new music every day and/or sometimes multiple times a day can be detrimental to your love affair with music. So I had to take a step away from listening to music for the blogs sake, in order to start listening to music again for me, without any need to tell anyone about it, without any responsibility to post the latest release as soon as it’s announced. Honestly, it’s been a great time for me to just listen to a lot of music, both new and old without any pressure to write about it or post it. But since I’m feeling a little refreshed and had a great weekend of music discovery, I decided to pay a visit to ‘ol yeller here and say hello.

I’m not going crazy with a huge ass post of all the stuff I’ve been listening to over the last three months but I will say that the new Wilco album was a pleasant surprise. It’s Wilco as you would expect Wilco to be but at the same time it’s unexpectedly super fresh sounding as well. I think the song “I Might” nicely represents what I’m saying. It includes a great intro riff, some great distortion, sprinkles of a xylophone and a great organ melody that creates images of Haight Street in the late 60’s in my head ties the whole thing together. Anyhow, dig into this. It’s an instant classic.

You can also check out a new playlist I put together on our spotify page here.

[audio:|titles=Wilco – I Might]
Wilco – I Might