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Hi Everyone. Sorry that we didn’t get any official posts up yesterday but we wanted to reassure you that we AREN’T slacking. We’re actually working our collective arses off on a few really fun things.

Fun Thing Numero 1 – 100 NEW TRACKS

As promised, we are still working on the June Lo-File. This will be our first monthly recap of the bestest of the best music we heard this month. The recap will be about 100 songs and available as a downloadable ZIP with individual MP3s. We’re excited about this because we get so much music that we aren’t able to write about but we still think you should hear. Now you’ll be able to listen to, love, fwd, blah blah blah all of those tracks as well.

Also this first Lo-File should be fun because it’s going to be just in time for the long July 4th weekend coming up. That means when you are at a party and your too cool for school friend says “check out this song. I bet you never heard it before”, you can say in return “oh yeah sucka, as a matter of fact, I heard that shit last month on The New Lo-Fi and actually why don’t you move your tired ass playlist over and let me plug this shit in. I bet you never heard any of these 100 NEW songs.” Or something like that anyway . . .

Fun Thing Numero 2 – PODCAST

We’re also working on our first ever podcast. We’re aiming to do this monthly too. It’ll be about an hour long radio/type show for the really die hards. We’ll feature our favorite tracks but also interview artists, DJs, producers, and anyone else we think you should get to know. This month we’ll include parts of a sweet interview with Kiki from the French band Total Warr. We’ll talk about whiskey, toy laser guns, Disneyland and why everyday should be Sunday.

Fun Thing Numero 3 – EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS

We’ve dabbled with videos in the past but we’re starting to ramp shit up in that area too. The first video will be an exclusive interview with Kiki from Total Warr. In addition to the whiskey / disney / everyday is sunday talk, we’re also going to talk about their first full length LP that they’re itching to release.

Deep breath. SHIT, that’s a lot of work for us! So, hopefully you forgive us for not posting yesterday. That said, we did post links to some new bands we were enjoying yesterday on Facebook. You can always get links to things like FREE and LEGAL singles, remixes and EPs throughout the day if you fan us on FB here.

Until we get some of these awesome things completely, we are going to be a little light in the NEW POST area.

Fun Thing Numero 4 – Total Warr

We’ve mentioned Total Warr a few times already in this post. If you haven’t heard them before, it’s about time you did. Total Warr is a Parisian duo that’s making some of the refreshest and most fun music out there right now. Kiki and Guigui are too dudes who were friends forever, playing in various hardcore and indie rock bands together as well. On a trip to Disneyland with their lady friends the were magically inspired to try a new project. A few days later, they produced a few tracks, created a myspace page and tons of blogs picked up on them, often naming them “Band To Watch”. They combine live instruments with clicks, clacks, toys gun noises, distortion, tambourines and Caribeean rhythms. Talk about fun things?!?! We really should have listed Total Warr as Fun Thing NUMERO 1 in this post.

You can learn much more about Total Warr once we get our interview with Kiki up but until then you can check out these two tunes and then chill with this “dancey, cheeky, summery mixtape” that they created for VINGT Paris Magazine.

And Kiki, DM – thanks again for the interview! It was fun talking with you. We can’t wait until you come back to New York.

[audio: warr – Jamie (Weezer cover).mp3|titles=Total Warr – Jamie (Weezer Cover)]
Total Warr – Jamie (Weezer Cover)
[audio: Warr – Please Never.mp3|titles=Total Warr – Please Never]
Total Warr – Please Never