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Ten Years

Adrian Younge

American jazz and soul musician Adrian Younge might be the most productive artist in Los Angeles right now. Besides being an established composer he has also found the time to become an entertainment law professor and on occasion edit soundtracks for films. Oh! and I almost forgot, he just released two new albums this year.

Earlier this year he released a 12-track LP with Ghostface Killah called 12 Reasons To Die.

For his latest album Younge recruits opera singer Brooke deRosa and jazz singer Rebecca Englehart to give us a melody-filled album that mixes soul and jazz called Voices of Gemma. Check out a few of my favourite singles from the LP below.

Adrian Younge – Make a Melody

Adrian Younge – Stranger by the Sea

Adrian Younge – Silhouette Dreams

Adrian Younge – Chasing Love