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Fresh Friday Mix: Acid Pauli

One of my favorite Bao restaurants to go to lately is this hidden gem tucked away in a South London food market. It’s called Viet Box. The buns are absolutely fantastic, but the music is also always banging! They have a small Marshall amp on the bar that is just pumping out amazing deep house sets every time I go. The music is always turned up loud.

Raph, the chef is the man behind the counter selecting the tracks. I quite often find myself asking what he’s got on the playlist while I’m waiting for food. So this Fresh Friday Mix playlist is dedicated to you Raph. You’ve always hooked me up with some kickass food and tunes.

The last thing Raph turned me onto was a producer called Acid Pauli. Check out his latest mix from Überhaus The Garten to get your Friday going. And if you happen to be in South London, stop by Viet Box in Brixton and give Raph a shout.

Acid Pauli x Satori @ Überhaus The Garten 2018 # HQ