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Ten Years

Big Spider’s Back

I’d like to think that I know a little bit about music but I’m always humbled when I come across a band like Big Spider’s Back whom I’ve never heard of before but have been putting out albums (three to be exact) for a while now.

On my search for a sunny, summery, washed-out playlist I came across their third album, “Memory Man,” which was released last week. And Coincidently the release party for the album was right here in my hood at CoCo 68. Bonus!

If you are in Brooklyn, you can catch Big Spider’s Back again at Zebulon on July 31st, but for now check out some tracks from the new album.

[audio: Chiefs.mp3|titles=Big Spider’s Back – Secret Chiefs]
Big Spider’s Back – Secret Chiefs

[audio: Channel.mp3|titles=Big Spider’s Back – Dead Channel]
Big Spider’s Back – Dead Channel

[audio: Machine.mp3|titles=Big Spider’s Back – Perfect Machine]
Big Spider’s Back – Perfect Machine
*Perfect Machine is off BSB’s first album, “Warped” but it just too good not to include. It has an incredible build up that just never drops. keeps you on the edge, but doesn’t let you down… know what im sayin?