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Ten Years


Bluebloods is the laptop musical project of guitarist, songwriter, and Winnipeg producer Conrad Sweatman. From his sleepy, snowy prairie town in Canada, he writes a wide range of songs from future R&B to neoclassical jazz. If you are into eclectic, Sweatman is for you.

Sweatman describes his single “Bad Faith” as a “love-child between Jai Paul and Bernie Sanders,” whatever that means. “”Badfaith” plays into the two competing narratives you hear most about Millennials,” continues Sweatman. “The first is that we’re an entitled, apathetic lot. The other is that we’ve inherited a shit economy, and that that’s the source of the disparity between our expectations and what we what we’re actually achieving with our lives. The song suggests that both narratives have some truth, making digs at both hipster detachment and the neoliberal experiment that got us into this economic mess.”

BLUEBLØØDS – Bad Faith (feat. Elessar Thiessen)

BLUEBLØØDS – Past Perfect (feat. Roman Clarke and Heather Thomas)