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Brooke Candy – Das Me

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Ass Shaking? Check. Chicks making out? Check. Rapping about drugs, sex and money? Check, check, check.

On Brooke Candy’s wikipedia page it reads “best known for co-starring in the music video for Grimes 2012 single ‘Genesis'” but I think that is about to change because there is no way she isn’t going to be best known for this video by the end of the week.

I’m not sure her debut single ‘Das Me’ is particularly original or…well.. intelligent, but she certainly has a style and a message to get across (wether or not that message is a good one is an entirely different subject).The video feels a little bit forced with horrible lip-syncing and very little originality (girls making out in a hotel room on a music video? …soo 2005) Brooke Candy definitely has talent and personality. So although I don’t agree with the super long ghetto nails or the dude that looks like Adam Sandberg from the ‘Dick in a Box‘ skit from SNL, I think it shines through best on a video of her rapping on a stoop with her friends:

[audio:|titles=Brooke Candy – Das Me]
Brooke Candy – Das Me