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Chillwave Wednesday XXXII

Chillwave Wednesday: a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music around the internet. For this edition of Chillwave Wednesday we’re launching you into a full throttled chill-sesh with a massively dreamed out cover of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger In Moscow” delivered to you by Tame Impala.

Also on the agenda, Tennyson remixes Daughter’s “Smother” and we have a terrifically chilled out track from Nick Leng called “Walking Home.” We’ve got a feature on the up-and-coming Austin based DJ/producer duo named Weak-Willed that you should check out as well. Let the chill begin.

Tame Impala – Stranger In Moscow (Michael Jackson cover)

Joey Pecoraro – Band In The Box

Daughter – Smother (Tennyson remix)

Weak-Willed – s y n e s t h e s i a
Tyler James Flowers and Hector Carlos Ramirez are the two guys behind the Austin based DJ/producer duo named Weak-Willed. Drawing on inspiration from their local record shop they started to sample instruments and vocals from old 45s. “We figured out how to create songs by chopping and slowing down old records. Shortly after we began actually writing, playing, and recording ourselves.” Their single “s y n e s t h e s i a” is a great example of how they use a very simple set of samples to make a beautifully chilled out track.

Nick Leng – Walking Home

thvn – toxic