The New LoFi

Ten Years

Fuzzworthy Introduces: SineRider


Music often triggers complex sets of emotions, and sometimes those emotions aren’t necessarily defined. Waves of nostalgia remain unclassified; are these simply the pathways of forgotten memories or perhaps something more? When ambient is done correctly, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the sound from that of our dreams. Convoluted, schizophrenic, and incongruent with the spectrum of describable emotions. And yet, something simply feels right. And wrong. SineRider’s latest gem, “Dreaming in Footprints” is the culmination of everything beautiful in ambient music. Glassy and muted bass tones obscured by fuzzy and distorted keys, the whispers of of an uncertain memory drowned by color and contrast. Distinct sounds of nature overlayed with incomprehensible buzzes and clicks. The mild lunacy of the mind.

Simply beautiful, hauntingly honest, genuine pleasure.