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It’s Prints!

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One of the best things about the New York City subway is the music. From street performers you would expect like break-beats rappers and paint can drummers to crazy musicians you wouldn’t imagine like someone dressed up in a cookie monster outfit playing an upright bass (I actually did see that once), New York has a variety of music to discover underground.

It’s always nice to get on the subway after a long day of work and be surprised by what you might hear. Whether it a steel drum melody calling to you from somewhere deep in the tunnels or a classical piano player serenading you while you wait for your train, the Subway can offer an escape from the hustle that is New York.

The center of the musical revolution underground is Union Square (Bedford Ave. is a close second). Many of the interesting acts I’ve seen on the Subway while waiting for the L train have been in Union Square. The first time I came across David Aguilar (aka Prints) was no different. He was producing music on what looked like a tiny music stand attached to an iPad and an iPhone that pushed out to a tiny speaker. I was instantly captivated. Myself and a dozen other commuters where standing there, iPhone cameras in hand, recording the live performance.

Hailing from the Bronx, David aptly describes his sound as “music that makes you stop and miss your train.” In the past year he’s branched out from his live performances in the Subway to produce a few mini-mixes and reworks of popular songs. Check them out on the Print Soundcloud page. Hopefully this marks the first step to recording an EP or full length album.

Teen Daze – Late (touched by a Prints rework)