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Ten Years

John Maus

PHD student, reverb addict and “musical thrills junkie” John Maus is a fuckin trip. And if his new wave meets Transylvania music or onstage performances don’t convince you of that then this interview will. What the hell is he taking about? WOW.

I love his latest and appropriately names album “We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves”. I hear he’s incredible live.

*Disclaimer: By supporting John Maus, TNLF does NOT condone the killing of cops. In fact, we would prefer that you thought twice about killing even the smallest of insects and think you should consider a vegetarian diet. OK, that’s a lie. We’ve been know to make a killer steak or burger on occasion.

[audio: killer.mp3|titles=John Maus – Cop Killer]
John Maus – Cop Killer