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Kraftwerk Inspired Canadian Electro Indie Folk

As you can probably tell if you’ve been checking our blog out for a while, we have no rules to this site. We aren’t an indie blog, we aren’t a hip hop blog and we aren’t a “dance music” blog. We are just a blog about music. And to answer one readers recent question, we post whatever we are listening to at the moment. Even if for whatever reason, we’re listening to something we wouldn’t really ever want to admit to like Owl City. Kidding, we’d never listen to Owl City. Well, maybe if forced to by good friends after 4 or 5 delicious craft beers and homemade pizza. Anyway, we like to think of ourselves as pretty diverse people and hopefully that’s reflected in the stuff we write about. That brings us to todays post.

I stumbled upon Rae Spoon in December and haven’t had the chance to write about him yet. I guess that’s partly because I didn’t know where to place him or how to describe him. Ok, lemme at least try . . . .

Rae Spoon, a Canadian native, is a female-to-male transgender folk/indie/songwriter with frequent electro pop elements to his style. Although Rae goes by “he”, his frequently shaky voice is definitely still feminine. In an interview with The Vancouver Sun, Rae cites Kraftwerk, The Knife and Crystal Castles as strong influences for his latest album Love Is A Hunter.

Two of my favorite tracks are the ironically sappy and folksy “Death By Elektro” from Love Is A Hunter and the lo-fi “Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down” from 2008’s “Superior You Are Inferior”. Check them out below. Also included below is a cool remix of “Forest Fire” by CPI from Ottawa, Canada. You can get more of CPI’s mixes here.

You can get more Rae Spoon music from his official site here.


[audio:|titles=Come OnForest Fire Burn The Disco Down (DJ CPI Remix)- Rae Spoon]

Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down (DJ CPI Remix)  – Rae Spoon


[audio:|titles=Come OnForest Fire Burn The Disco Down – Rae Spoon]

Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down  – Rae Spoon


[audio:|titles=Death By Electro – Rae Spoon]

Death By Electro – Rae Spoon