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Summertime from mind the gap on Vimeo.

We got an email from LA based band Mind The Gap the other day promoting their self released LP The Good Fight and new single Meant To Be. Their sound is a bit more mainstream than what we typically post but in all honesty, these are really catchy ass songs. I hate to use a Jack Johnson reference twice in one year much less in one week but These Are The Days reminds me of Jack after a small dose of electro-shock treatment or maybe John Mayer on happy pills. And damn, I love those those horns on the chorus. The track Summertime (video above) may even remind me a little of Jason Mraz but in a positive way because these guys aren’t just trying to copying “that” sound, they are doing it just as good, if not better. And the most important part is that they seem like they’re having fun while doing it. You can see that from the acoustic video for Meant To Be (below). I’m really impressed how they nail these harmonies in one live take.

Anyhow, there are a bunch of songs on this self released album that I would consider “HITS” in the mainstream sense of the word. I’d be surprised if these guys don’t get all top 40 on us and forget about the little music blogs when they play sold out arenas. Anyhow, check the links out below, get their album here and then take this album with you to all of the college graduation / beach / pool parties you go to this summer. And Greg, Ozzy, Ruwanga and Alex . . . don’t forget us when you are huge stars. Cheers, D-Hall.

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These Are the Days by mindthegapsound

Summertime by mindthegapsound

[audio: the gap acoustic.mp3|titles=Mind The Gap – Meant To Be (Acoustic)]
Mind The Gap – Meant To Be (Acoustic)