The New LoFi

Ten Years

39 New Likes / 39 New Songs

We have a special download for all of our new Facebook fans, especially all of you Pirates (cheers MK / AK). The songs on “39” were all going on our “June Lo-File” playlist coming out next week but since we had a record day of 39 new likes in 1 day, we decided to say thank you with some new music. You can download individual tracks by right clicking on the download links next to the track name or get all 39 songs as a ZIP by clicking here.


Camomile Aviaries  DOWNLOAD
Girls Of Boredom Moscow Youth Cult  DOWNLOAD
If Looks Could Kill Music For Animals
Lose It (Diamond Rings Remix) Austra  DOWNLOAD
Bad Street Twin Sister  DOWNLOAD
Stellar Cartographer I Radioseven  DOWNLOAD
What About Us Handsome Furs  DOWNLOAD
Jesus Flag American Fish [44.1k ddm] Cuckoo Chaos  DOWNLOAD
Deadlands Never There Deadlands  DOWNLOAD
Jimmy Kills Us DJ Dope  DOWNLOAD
19991 Tobias  DOWNLOAD
Wrong Road Dobré  DOWNLOAD
That’s It, That’s It Femme Fatality  DOWNLOAD
East West Funk Jessica 6  DOWNLOAD
Far Nearer Jamie XX  DOWNLOAD
Forget That You’re Young The Raveonettes  DOWNLOAD
Queen Of Hearts Fucked Up
Goody Two Shoes (Viceroy Edit) Duck Sauce  DOWNLOAD
I See It Coming Guards  DOWNLOAD
Rosita Helado Negro  DOWNLOAD
Color It White Hybrid Lava  DOWNLOAD
El Gusto Karl Hector & The Malcouns  DOWNLOAD
When You’re Out Kauf  DOWNLOAD
God & Me (Remix) Kopecky Family Band  DOWNLOAD
Sigh The Day Away Magic Bullets  DOWNLOAD
that’ll be the day (Buddy Holly Cover) Modest Mouse  DOWNLOAD
Daylight Olympic Ayres  DOWNLOAD
MTV Get Off The Air, Part 2 MC Paul Barman (feat. Princess Superstar)  DOWNLOAD
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Juggernaut Remix) Skrillex  DOWNLOAD
Something in My Drink The Adultery Brothers  DOWNLOAD
The Chinese Water Spirit Robotaki  DOWNLOAD
Dearest (Buddy Holly Cover) The Black Keys  DOWNLOAD
The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You Marissa Nadler  DOWNLOAD
Throw Away This Telepathe  DOWNLOAD
What It’s All About Tumi And The Volume  DOWNLOAD
I’m Goin Down (Bruce Springsteen Cover) Vampire Weekend
Vision Deficiency Syxx  DOWNLOAD
Count to Ten Witches  DOWNLOAD

Download “39” as a Zip File (300 MB)

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PS – The image we used to make the “album art” for this sampler was taken at Governors Ball this weekend. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a few sexy ass fans wearing New Lofi stickers while frolicking about the festival. If you want a pack of stickers to use creatively, we’d love to use the pics on future mixes. Hit us on our facebook wall for stickers here and we’ll arrange to send some your way.