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Ten Years

Torre Florim teams up with Wouter Stoter for new De Staat video concept

I first learned about the Dutch rock band, De Saat, when I saw their music video for “Witch Doctor” premiere at the Saatchi New Director Showcase in Cannes a couple of years ago. The video starts with frontman Torre Florim staring right at you as a gang of shirtless goons linger behind him. Throughout the video, the camera pulls out to reveal more and more of the scene. Hundreds of the shirtless men are gathered around Torre as he controls their movement with his witch doctor magic. It’s mesmerizing, and a bit terrifying. The way the music and the video work together — it’s kind of a masterpiece. If you know how to speak Dutch, you should watch the video of Torre Florim and animator Floris Kaayk talk about how the film was created. Otherwise, check out the video for “Witch Doctor” below:

At the end of last year, De Staat released a new single called “KITTY KITTY” to announce their fifth album Bubble Gum. This time I heard the song before I saw the video. The video for the lead single was released in October last year, and Torre Florim had teamed up with director Wouter Stoter for the concept.

The video plays off some of the ideas we saw in Witch Doctor, but it takes things to the next level with the band facing off in a mirror war of ideas. The camera work creates a falling feeling by using a continuous zoom. It’s another great example of how De Staat can build on their sound with an expertly choreographed video concept.

Take a listen to a sample of Bubble Gum on Soundcloud, or head over to We Have Merch to buy the full album.