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Ten Years

Helsinki-based producer Henri presents his first EP “rakkaus”

Last week I got passed this track from Unity Group with an introduction that asked: “is this something you could dance to?” Yes, yes it is.

The track is called “something we could dance to” and it’s by the Finnish indie electronic producer called simply, Henri. This month, Henri has released his debut EP entitled rakkaus which features 8 lovely electronic tracks. Each single blends into the next in a sort of ambient journey through dance music. The lead single, “Something We Could Dance To”, beautifully encapsulates the bittersweet emotions of joy and pain, inviting listeners to dance through their tears.

Henri’s artistic journey serves as a testament to the power of vulnerability and authenticity within today’s electronic music landscape. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Henri draws inspiration from deeply personal and transformative experiences, infusing his music with emotional depth and resonance.

A pivotal moment in Henri’s career came when he made the decision to retreat from the pressures of a success-driven society. Seeking solace and inspiration, he found himself in a secluded cabin, surrounded by nature. This introspective journey profoundly influenced his work, allowing him to create a fusion of indie and electronic elements that defy categorization.

In a world where electronic artists often rely on repetitive and impersonal beats, Henri’s heartfelt compositions and emotive storytelling elevate his music to new heights, ensuring that his artistry remains unmatched and unforgettable. His music resonates deeply with those who have ever felt lost or alone, offering a beacon of hope and solace.

henri – something we would dance to