The New LoFi

Ten Years

Montevideo Mondays (XXIII)

Spring is in Montevideo. This is the moment when people flock to the bars, where the pleasant air of the city starts to change the vibe of the people. New theme parties emerge from lots of places and bands come up to showcase their new music in those events or tiny festivals. In this scenario, “feel good music” always seem to be right, and Croupier Funk -a regular presence in neighbourhood stages in the city- have some credentials to be a top player because they move in a genre not very common in the scene.

From the name to the tracks, the soul of this band is eminently funk, from some James Brown-ish vocals and some Parliament Funkadelic hooks to sounds that sometimes reminisce those blaxploitation movies of the 70’s but are mainly disco, Hammond trips, spicy bass lines and of course, classy guitars that do their job:

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Listened as a whole beacuase they sound as an ensemble and that is precisely the effect when you liten to them, that you are watching a big, numerous band, Croupier Funk’s eponymous album presents itself like a big pure classic funk cake where those instruments get mixed with female soft voices, some french lyrics that give some songs even a good vibe and a dancing approach that seems mainly unpretentious:

It may be weird, but Croupier Funk´s sort of naive, non-academic but very skilled approach to this soulful style contributes to that relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to go to hear them live immediately for dancing purposes or maybe remix some of their songs. Speaking about that, I wonder how many great things would happen with these songs if the guys of Yasumo put their hands on them.

The record also flirts with other genres such as reggae or our local candombe in songs that still are not on the internet. However, you can have a taste of one of the bands that will be part of the party soundtrack of this tiny city, here:

Also make sure you say “hi” to them in their Facebook page.