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Ten Years

Pick Up America

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My Son Bison is a four-piece band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They’ve spent the last five years forging their own brand of experimental folk inspired by everything from the Beach Boys to the guachos of Argentina. They decided recording the album entirely on acoustic instruments including twelve-string guitars, upright bass, a mandolin, strings, horns, and more. The result is My Son Bison’s debut: Two Faces One Vase.

My favorite track off the EP is “Pick Up America.” It’s a nod to Davey Rogner’s epic journey across America and a group he was working with who called themselves “Pick Up America.” When describing why he wrote the song, Dane Galloway says that he gets a kick out of saying things like “This song is about picking up trash” but it’s about much more than that. “It’s kind of about making trash. And making money. And how they are probably the same. And only when we are living in a Water World where all the water is Fisher Price toys and Chinese food containers are we going to a sense of what a waste our waste is.”

My Son Bison – Pick Up America