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Qualquer Fragil Fio de Fantasia

This past month we’ve had the pleasure of releasing a few singles from Lise, the Brazilian based ambient electronic artist, but now we are happy to announce that the record company has let us stream the album a week before it gets released. Entitled “Qualquer Frágil Fio de Fantasia” (“Any Fragile Wire of Fantasy”) this is Lise’s debut album.

As with the previous singles, this album is best enjoyed in an intimate setting or used to escape and otherwise loud and abrasive setting… think headphones on and closed eyes with this album playing to transport you out of your crowded subway commute into a floating audioscape of melody.

‘Qualquer Frágil Fio de Fantasia’ will be released by DryCry Records and available in the iTunes store on November 29th.

Lise – Qualquer Frágil Fio de Fantasia by DryCry Records

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