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Ten Years

LSD is fun

Lately i’ve been into these lofi indie bands that are layered with more than your typical indie rock instruments. Guitars? Bass? Keys? Yeah, yeah, yeah, ok but where are the horns? Where are the shakers and mandolins? Did I already ask where the horns were?

Lake Street Dive (LSD) is a fun band and this track is simply delightful (I told my girlfriend that I was going to start using the word delightful more often so I thought I’d toss it into this post).

I’m pretty sure what makes this track so cool is the inclusion of the horn section (and the slight samba-like percussion). Hello? Goodbye! starts out like a Sunday afternoon get together, maybe it’s even a brunch, where people are eating cheese, crackers and an organic spinach dip. The sun is shining, everyone is having a generally nice time, even laughing every once in a while. But after the first chorus, there’s a little drum fill and then the brass section slams open the door, comes dancing into the room and takes over the whole show. No more civilized Sunday brunch get together. These horns just changed up the whole track.

Brass. Gotta have some brass.

[audio:|titles=LSD – hello? goodbye!]
LSD – hello? goodbye!