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The “Hawaii At Home” mix — Trentemøller’s answer to your lockdown blues

At the beginning of lockdown, the online music magazine Nothing But Hope and Passion premiered an exclusive new mix from Danish producer Anders Trentemøller. The mix contains over an hour of Hawaiian-inspired music to help dream yourself away from lockdown. The mix transports you to an oasis of calm with the sounds of gentle ukuleles and waves lazily arriving on a sunny island shore.

What’s great about this mix is that it demonstrates the versatility of Trentemøller’s ever-evolving sound. There’s no genre he won’t pull inspiration from; there’s no instrument he won’t embrace. Whether it is immersing himself in a new instrumental album or recreating electronic music with a live band, he is always pioneering a new way to expand his sound. It’s what makes his electronic music so rich and layered.

For this mix we get to see Trentemøller step into his Hawaiian alter ego. The Hawaii At Home mix includes a tropical selection featuring several tracks by the great Eden Ahbez as well as some interesting tunes by Benny Rogers, Jerry Bird, Martin Denny. And of course you couldn’t create a mix from paradise without including Elvis Presley’s iconic track: “Island Of Love.”

So go find your best Hawaiian shirt and pour yourself a tropical cocktail garnished with a little paper umbrella. Once you place your headphones on and close your eyes, you will be whisked away to the island life.

Trentemøller’s “Hawaii At Home” Mix