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Ten Years

Smokey Robotic

Smokey Robotic released their LP “The Shark & The Helicopter” a couple of months ago and the weird, self-proclaimed “Superfuture” music unravels. And I’m hooked.

Smokey Robotic consists of four dudes from across North America (from New York to British Columbia): Seer, Father Dude, Konrad, !llMind. Supposedly a two foot robot from 40 years ago exploded out of a juke box and then put this band together to bring forth it’s musical bidding.

Besides the funky names, and the totally weird creation story, Smokey Robotic has a fun almost hip-hop inspired electronic sound. They remind me of a modern day “Faith No More” for some odd reason. They go from a dark dance song filled with dirty bass in their song “Herion” to something backed by African beats like “Smokey Shields.”

Go hit them up on their Facebook page for a free download, and check out a few tracks from their new LP below.

[audio: Robotic – The Shark and The Helicopter.mp3|titles=Smokey Robotic – The Shark and The Helicopter]
Smokey Robotic – The Shark and The Helicopter

[audio: Robotic – Heroin.mp3|titles=Smokey Robotic – Heroin]
Smokey Robotic – Heroin

[audio: Shields – Konrad Old Money vs Tyler Shields.mp3|titles=Smokey Shields – Smokey Robotic (Konrad Old Money vs Tyler Shields)]
Smokey Shields – Smokey Robotic (Konrad Old Money vs Tyler Shields)

[audio: Robotic – Moonpot feat Eek-A-Mouse.mp3|titles=Smokey Robotic – Moonpot (feat. Eek-A-Mouse)]
Smokey Robotic – Moonpot (feat. Eek-A-Mouse)

[audio: Robotic – Forever My Love.mp3|titles=Smokey Robotic – Forever My Love]
Smokey Robotic – Forever My Love