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Ten Years

St. Terrible

Last month we received a fantastic note from Zach Herbert of St. Terrible telling us how much he appreciated the website and a few links to his album The Wonderful End of the World. He described his music as “Freak Folk” (a term I’ve never heard of before) and I was very interested to find out what that sounds like.

Recorded over the course of several months in various studios, bedrooms, and lofts, Zach says that it is “a collection of recordings recovered from the first end of the world.” It doesn’t have a sound that you can absorb passively… it’s not pop music. It’s delicate and thoughtful… it’s haunted, quiet and dark but not necessarily sad. The single “Skinless,” which appears on the A-Side of the album, is easily my favorite track… taking its time to build until it belts out proclaiming things like: “I can’t remember what it was like when I was younger…”

Side-A of The Wonderful End of the World is available on the St. Terrible Bandcamp page for just $1.

[audio:|titles=Skinless (Bodiless Dances for the End of Days)]
St. Terrible – Skinless (Bodiless Dances for the End of Days)