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Ten Years


Temping is the debut album from British electro-pop band Stats. It explores the transient world of holding a temp job.

Between the five band members they’ve held a myriad of temp jobs including acting, market trading, composing, teaching, data entry-ing, tour guiding, writing, underwriting, transcribing, et cetera, et cetera. Basically, they know what it is to temp. This is what the album is about. “Everyone feels like a temp sometimes, and the world seems fragile and precarious,” says lead singer Ed Seed.

All of the songs on the album explore a subset of that theme. For example, “Own It” talks about buildings and how they tower above us while “Me and Your Mother” is an apology to a baby that won’t be born.

All the songs give a generous nod to the 80s (Noisey even called Stats a halfway point between Bowie and the Talking heads) but overall the sound on the 9-track album is very eclectic. “Own it” is an electro-pop anthem that builds up over the first four minutes and then breaks down into an orchestral choir of sound. “Near Mrs” is a piano led sing-a-long while “Me and Your Mother” is a soulful, almost bluesy, R&B song. Every song has its own personality and story.

Snap up your copy of Temping on the Stats Bandcamp page now.

STATS – Own It

STATS – Me and Your Mother