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Ten Years

Thank God Someone Took The Time To Do This

I know we like to make fun of people who have too much time on their hands but dagnabit if this guy didn’t just do everyone a huge favor.
What we have here folks, is an impressive collection of Halloween Sound FX, Halloween Music, Halloween Soundtrack and basically anything you’re too lazy to download off youtube and convert to an mp3 format. I look forward to replacing the air horn with Psychotic Zombie Moan tonight.

[audio: Party – Haunted House.mp3|titles=Halloween Party – Haunted House]
Halloween Party – Haunted House

[audio: Party – The Cemetery.mp3|titles=Halloween Party – The Cemetery]
Halloween Party – The Cemetery

[audio: Party – Werewolves.mp3|titles=Halloween Party – Werewolves]
Halloween Party – Werewolves

[audio: Party – Scary Background Sounds.mp3|titles=Halloween Party – Scary Background Sounds]
Halloween Party – Scary Background Sounds