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Ten Years

Theme Park

Whereas Wax had a Ray Davie’s (of The Kinks) sexy-loverman-one-eyebrow-up vibe, Theme Park’s new single Two Hours is more upbeat, giving a glimpse of what’s to come on their much anticipated full length (tentatively late Summer 2012).

Sidenote, much like The Kinks, Theme Park also has two brothers in the band. It’s funny though, the band cites the Talking Heads as an influence but I keep hearing The Kinks. Maybe it’s the quirky melodies, funky guitar riffs and basslines that nod at The Talking Heads? I guess I can see that. Let’s meet in the middle. I’m going to say that they musically reference The Talking Heads with vocal stylings of The Kinks.

Regardless, they’re rad and I still love Wax …. so I’m including both tracks. You can get some additional free tracks from the band on their Facebook page here