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Ten Years

These Modern Blues


Two ladies that sing the “blues.” Above is Miriam Bryant’s new video for Finders Keepers. She conjures up a sound that is very similar to Adele with a strong voice singing to sad songs. Including the video here because it has some cool use of type animation.

Our second modern-blues track is from New York based electro-pop duo Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko (aka Noosa). I have to admit, Sky Barbarick sounds like (a hotter version of) Lana Del Rey a little bit in this song. a lot of their other tracks are very upbeat and varied. check out Noosa’s other hit singles Heartache and Fear of Love and give them some Facebook Lovin’ at Oh yeah, and check out their fantastic new self-titled EP on soundcloud.

Walk On By by Noosa

Miriam Bryant- Finders Keepers by MiriamBryantMusic

Fear Of Love by Noosa