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Ten Years

Maria Usbeck releases her second album: Envejeciendo

We were first introduced to Ecuador-born, Brooklyn-based musician Maria Usbeck back in 2016 with her single, “Moai Y Yo.” That single went on to be the lead single of her debut album Amparo.

Usbeck is back with her follow up album called Envejeciendo which is filled with dreamy tropical synths and far-away reverbed vocals sung in a mix of English and Spanish. “Envejeciendo” translates to “aging” and the album explores the anticipation of the future and obsessing over youth. It’s an album about the absurdity of existence.

Check out two singles off the new album below (“Nostalgia” and “Amor Anciano”). Get the album on vinyl from the Maria Usbeck Bandcamp page.

Maria Usbeck – Moai y Yo

Maria Usbeck – Nostalgia

Maria Usbeck – Amor Anciano