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Ten Years

Wealth…and Inventing New Genres

I’m not sure what I like about Wealth better. Is it because he’s from Brooklyn? Because he claims that his musical influences are Xanax, vodka, and beaches? Or maybe because he has invented a brand new genre called “Sea-Gaze or “Beach-Step.”

What ever it is, I’m pretty happy that his music found it’s way to my ears. “Sunburned” and “The Jawn” sound like beachy shoe-gaze songs. “Better Days” is an example of what Wealth calls “Beach-Step.” It’s a slowed-down, less aggressive, less testosterone filled re-interpretation of it’s sister-genre “dub-step.”

Check out more music from Wealth on his Soundcloud page.

Wealth – Sunburned

Wealth – The Jawn

Wealth – Better Days