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Ten Years

Amarachi – Sam

We in the industry of music journalism have a penchant for categorization; this band belongs to this genre, this band has these influences etc. When categories fail, we even create entirely new ones, usually rather loosely based on the genus from which it was spawned. We slot these songs into new genres like ‘Unblack Metal’, “Tripstep”, or “Chillwave”, and in doing so we’ve created wiggle room for the modus operandi of music journalism, comparison.

We do this across all art forms, but what is the reasoning behind this peculiar taxonomy? Is it simply that we long for similarity? Is the thought of enjoying a particular family of music more comforting than a nameless spectrum? More importantly, is it truly fair to compare art with art, and is there such a thing as an original piece?

When there’s no correct box to tick, us industry folk simply add the words ‘alternative’ or ‘experimental’ to an existing genre. Enter Amarachi.

Alternative hip-hop? Experimental R&B? Atmospheric sing-hop? Call it whatever you like. Brand new and freshly pressed, Amarachi has released his first single ‘Sam’. Twisting Tove Lo’s smash hit ‘Habits (Stay High)’ into a gnarled, dreamy and down-beat confession, ‘Sam’ flirts with the pitfalls of love, drugs, and expectation. As the raw emotion bleeds through Amarachi’s lyricism, a simple message from his mother becomes skewed and convoluted..

“Mama said no drugs I don’t do love.. So I don’t do love.”


Honest rap?? Ah fuck I don’t know I’m just splitting hairs now. Hit play and take a dose.