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Throwback Thursday: Freedom Fry

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Went digging through the TNLF mailbox again this week in search of good music that we might have missed. Came across the now LA based duo called Freedom Fry and a track they sent us called “Earthquake.” A little over two years old now, “Earthquake” was the first single to come from the band’s debut LP. It was self-produced by Freedom Fry in NYC immediately following a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the surrounding area. (I remember walking back from lunch that day and everyone was running out of the nearby offices after it hit..earthquakes in New York? that’s not suppose to happen). Anyway, apparently the band never felt the quake but it inspired the song’s lyrics about a love going awry and shaking up a person’s world.

I checked up on what the two were doing these days and discovered that they have just released a brand new EP called The Wilder Mile. I put together a few samples of their music from 2012 until now below.

Freedom Fry – Earthquake

Freedom Fry – Friends And Enemies

Freedom Fry – Home

Freedom Fry – The Wilder Mile