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Camel Power Club – Kaffeklubben

Camel Power Club have just released a new single called “Kaddeklubben” to promote their second EP, Baïkonour (out June 23rd).

Kaffeklubben is named after the island in Groenland, the most septentrional place on earth. The band admits that the track is about a journey. “We’ve not decided yet if it’s a travel or a love story, but it’s not important. We wanted to build a track without verse/chorus because there is no repetition on a journey, and to end it on a Pirate’s choir that we’ve recorded with friends, 7 guys singing together in a room. As we wanted the track to be simple and instinctive we recorded each instrument in one take, and added a honky piano and mouth organ.”

Whether you are on a long road trip across deserts, or just chilling at the beach, this is an essential track for your summer playlist.

Camel Power Club – Kaffeklubben

If you like the track, you should check out the Camel Power Club Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put Kaffeklubben on vinyl: